LST–325 Historical Collection : Materials related to LST–325 prior to acquisiton by the USS LST Ship Memorial, Inc. in 2000

This online collection includes documents, photographs, artifacts, and other items relating to the history of or found aboard LST-325. Included are items from her service in the US Navy in World War II, as a support vessel with the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS) in the 1950s, and time in the Greek Navy as L-144 Syros. LST-325 was built in Philadelphia, PA in 1942 and, following her commissioning in February of 1943, set sail to join the war in Europe. Throughout World War II LST-325 participated in the invasions of Sicily, mainland Italy, and Normandy, France. Following WWII, the ship spent several years in the reserve fleet before being called back into service with the US MSTS to make transport supplies for the construction and operation of the DEW Line radar stations in Canada and Greenland. After official retirement from US service in 1961, LST-325 was transferred to the Greek Navy and subsequently renamed L-144 Syros in 1964, where she served until her third decommissioning in 1999.

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LST–325 Historical Collection